I was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1963 and moved to Wilmington, Delaware in the early ‘70’s after the death of my father. It was there that my mother first realized my love of horses was not going to go away at any time soon. My best friend in elementary school had an older sister who agreed to give me riding lessons, I was hooked. I learned to ride on an “off the track” four-year-old thoroughbred. I rode in my first hunter show at the age of eleven and won first in a Green Hunter division. After my instructor sold her horse, I found a small stable four miles from my home that would let me clean stalls in exchange for lessons. I rode my three speed bike four miles each way to muck stalls just for a chance to learn. 

Through my teenage years, and no matter where we lived, I found a stable that would let me work in exchange for riding and lessons. I found myself in the employ of Rock Creek Park Horse Center where I began teaching beginner lessons and working as a trail guide. From there I met the Hubers of Stoneridge Farm who hired me to start their young horses, teach lessons and ride sale horses. It was here that I found a love for the sport of eventing. My first competition was at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, Virginia. My horse, Mystic Sherry was 17 and so was I…we won! Through eventing, I grew a love of dressage, this being a whole new world to me. Coming from a hunter background, it was a difficult challenge to grasp. Stoneridge then also opened a door to racing, as most of their young stock went to the track for the three- and four-year-olds. Well, as you might guess, I then thought I might want to explore a career in racing. So, I moved to Florida where I rode for Irish Acres. Then, on to Thistledown raceway in Ohio where I finally realized “this is just not for me”.

​I took some time off from horses to start a family. During that time, I truly realized something that I’d been thinking of for quite some time.  Horses are only as able as their feet allow. So, “No foot, no horse” is the gospel truth. I attended and graduated from Eastern School of Farriery in 1990 under the tutelage of Danny Ward which got me back into horses. There is a long list of people who have freely shared their knowledge with me over the years and I have found that you simply never stop learning, regardless of how much you think you know. Shoeing at shows, such as the American Eventing Championships, for my three years at the Carolina Horse Park was both an honor and a privilege. I carried a full customer book of over three hundred horses for 17+ years. During this time, I have ridden and exhibited in western pleasure, reigning, hunter, jumper and eventing. I love the young horses and have also had the pleasure of raising and showing my very own Oldenburg stallion, Solomon. As my young horses began their show careers, people took notice.

​Before long I was running my own training barn as well as shoeing full time. My husband Scott and I now own Whispering Creek Farms and have the pleasure and immense satisfaction of offering a family-run stable, open for boarding, lessons and training.

Our Mission

- To provide our customers with equine athletes which have a secure foundation in our customers' equine disciplines

​- To provide competitive, amateur horses through selective breeding of warmblood crosses that are born, nurtured, and trained in a quiet, calm, and secure atmosphere

​​- To provide our customers’ equine athletes with a naturally balanced foundation to compete on, as every horse's foot/body conformation is as different as the riders who compete on them

- To produce the highest-quality Angus production and Angus influenced commercial cattle in the Midwest as is possible
Scott Jackson, Ranch Manager
Stephanie Jackson, Equine Manager

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About Whispering Creek Farms

We are a small, family owned and oriented, equine and cattle facility located in the serene rolling hills of the Missouri Ozarks.